Gaming Devices and Kindle

Step 1: Preparation                         

  • Prepare your table:  A flat, clean surface - avoid dust, hairs and leftovers on the table. Prepare your hands: wash your hands with soa and water to remove all the natural oils from your hands, and then dry your hands thoroughly.
  • Prepare your device:  Use slightly damp cloth to wipe the surfaces where the skin will be applied.
  • Let dry completely:  Wait a few minutes to make sure that all water has evaporated. This is key. If the device is wet, the skin will be harder to be applied and the glue may not activate correctly.
  • Have your hairdryer ready. 

Step 2: Exam the skin                     

  • Become familiar with your skin, so you know which part needs to go where.
  • Look at your skin and how it is cut, the thin sections easily stretch or break if you do not handle the skin with care during the application process.
  • Use caution when removing the skin from the backing paper. Avoid stretching any part of the skin, especially the narrow parts. Stretching the skin will cause it to not fit the device precisely.

Step 3: Apply the Skin                    

  • Peel it off. Pick a starting point on your skin on the edge (preferably the largest area of the Skin), gently peel away the backing paper.
  • Line it up. DO NOT apply hard pressure, so you will be able to lift up and reposition until you get it right.  
    ----  A good guide is to find a couple of buttons on your device close together and start applying the skin there.
    ----  Place the skin lightly making sure it lines up with all the button openings and curves on your device.
  • Stick it on:  Once you are happy with the skin position, firmly press the Skin from the middle to the edges. But do not put pressure on surfaces or edges with curvature now.
  • Hairdryer:  For any surfaces or edges with curvature, heat the vinyl up with the hairdryer until it is soft, then apply pressure. This is key in creating smooth edges.
  • Free bubbles:  The 3M vinyl built with non-visible air release channels, so just gently run your finger over them, they will be completely flattened out.