Apple Pencil Gen 1st


1. Prepare your table: A flat, clean surface - avoid dust, hairs and leftovers on the table. Prepare your hands: wash your hands with soa and water to remove all the natural oils from your hands, and then dry your hands thoroughly.

2. Prepare your device: Use slightly damp cloth to wipe the surfaces where the skin will be applied.

3. Let dry completely: Wait a few minutes to make sure that all water has evaporated. This is key. If the device is wet, the skin will be harder to be applied and the glue may not activate correctly. Have your hairdryer ready.  

 Apply the skin                        

The skin comes with three elements: pencil tip, center, and  pencil cap. Two sets are included, just in case you mess up with your first try.

1. Begin with the center portion. Remove the pencile cap during application. Align the silver divide near the end of the pencil, wrap the skin a quarter of the way around the cylinder along the silver edge, this will help to ensure it’s straight during installation.

2. Once you see that it’s lined up correctly against the silver piece, hold the end in place with your thumb and pull the skin tight to the end of the pencil, continuing applying along the remainder of the pencil bit by bit.

3. Once you have reached the end of the cylinder, complete by applying pressure down  the seam.

4. The tip of the pencil is applied by aligning the skin at the seam, then wrapping it around. 

5. Put the pencil cap back on, then wrap the cap skin around the cylinder.

6. Next, grab your hairdryer, heat the exposed portion and then wrap each flap inwards.

7. Finish by positioning the dot on the tip of the cap, heating it and then press down firmly.